Introducing Our Brand Evolution & New Offerings

We at The Pacific Institute greatly value your partnership. We’re pleased to introduce you to the evolution of our brand, which represents both our rich history and our vision for the future.

​Our educational programs are grounded in the knowledge that people have an unlimited capacity for growth and change. Our new logo is a symbol of this philosophy. It illustrates the core potential in every individual and the positive impact our transformational process can have on our relationships, our communities, our organizations and the world around us.

Our global website,, has also been redesigned to offer a more informative and intuitive experience. The site now features a library of case studies addressing our work with clients in a variety of sectors and regions. In addition, it’s the home of our new blog, where we’ll post fresh perspectives from our experts. We’re deeply committed to helping organizations and individuals improve performance and reach their full potential.

To date, we’ve served clients in over 60 countries and 22 languages, and more than 6.5 million people have participated in our programs and processes. Moving forward we’ll continue to innovate and empower our clients by providing easily accessible and highly customizable solutions.

As always, your engagement and satisfaction are important to us. We want your feedback and ideas, and we encourage you to connect with us via FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn or contact us via email or phone. Thank you – and we look forward to many more years of working with you.