​The latest upgrade to the iOS version of The Pacific Institute®’s “Affirmation Assistant” app is now available at the Apple Store. Here is what you can expect to see:


iPad View Updates:

Update to Visualization view, allowing affirmation text and other user interface elements to appear with as much space available as possible, optimizing the view. This includes improved storage for Affirmations, while maintaining user ordering.


Lightweight Data Migration:

The underlying data model was changed. As a precaution, please make note of your current goal data, affirmations, music selections, etc. This will be useful in the event that the data needs to be manually added after the update. (Some iPhone versions may require re-entering of some data.)


After installing update, move about through different
activities in the app: on bottom tabs, choose an activity other than Goals, then return to Goals activity. This will give the app a chance to update from the iCloud server.