True Commitment

What does it really mean to commit ourselves to something? Today let’s look at what commitment means and why it matters.

All of us have a deep need to be involved in the world. This need is expressed in our desire for close relationships and social encounters, our need to feel valuable and connected in a vital way to life, and our need to have our actions count.

But commitment means little without some kind of affirming action. It is what we choose to do that determines the nature of our commitment. Commitment means making a choice and giving ourselves time to involve ourselves with whatever that choice is.

It means accepting the limitations of that choice as well as the benefits, and it means entering into a relationship with whatever we are committed to, be it a person, a career, creating a work of art, remodeling the basement, or what have you.

When we make a commitment, we cannot hope to gain any greater satisfaction from the relationship than we are willing to put into it. And, ultimately, it is only through a deep commitment that we discover who we are as individuals and can grow fully and give to others freely. Commitment is not a matter of thinking thoughts or speaking words. It requires real time and real action.

What are you committed to? Does what you do and the way you spend your time reflect that commitment? If so, how? If not, why not?