Visualize the Finish Line

Do you know that visualization techniques can help you become a better manager of your time? Let’s spend a little time on this subject today.

Sometimes, the hardest part of a job is getting started. You have made your list of things to do. You are very clear about which tasks are “High Priority” and which are not. You know what job to do first, but somehow, you just never get started. You may divert yourself by starting less important tasks, or you may simply procrastinate until you’ve put so much pressure on yourself you “have to” begin. And with that much pressure on, chances are you won’t do your best work.

The next time you find yourself in this kind of a pickle, try using visualization to help you out. Visualize yourself completing the task. Vividly picture in your mind how good it will feel, what your rewards will be, how smoothly and confidently you will see the job through to the end.

Feel the satisfaction of a job well done. Feel the efficacy and sense of competency you will be generating in yourself. See exactly what it will look and feel like when the task is completed. Do this with your full concentration over and over. The job is done and done well. You can see it and feel it. You are finding the personal benefit – the personal pay value – in completing the project. This should clear away the procrastination “logjam” and help you on your way. And once started, a project tends to develop its own momentum.

You will move forward much more quickly if you visualize the end-result before you start. Try it. Take charge of your time and your energy and enjoy the rewards that you will earn.