From a Different Perspective

Today, imagine yourself as a business, one that manufacturers several lines of product. Imagine that this organization is creating a new product line, and for the first time in your industry’s history, you are approaching this new product with “a clean sheet of paper.” In fact, you are approaching it from an entirely new perspective.

How many times have we gone about doing a job or a task the same way because, “We always do it this way”? How many times, because of rushed time schedules or convenience, have we fallen into old patterns? While they may be tried and true, and one can have confidence in some process that we know works, what are we potentially giving up? What might we be missing?

The history books are riddled with people who have come up with new ways of looking at the status quo, and revolutionized an industry. Henry Ford, commonly accredited with the assembly line, switched perspectives and simply moved the car and not the workers. Perhaps without knowing exactly what he was doing, Ford gave up the problem to his subconscious and reticular activating system to solve the challenge.

So, what do you have coming up that might benefit from “a clean sheet of paper”? It could be a challenge in your business, or in your personal or professional life. Give your reticular activating system the goal of finding a new way to accomplish a challenge. You may find yourself doing something as simple as finding a different way home from work, looking up, and finding your own revolutionary new way of looking at the future.

Change your view by changing your perspective and allow that powerful engine between your ears to find new solutions, giving you new results.