The Pacific Institute® Launches Newest Mindsetting Curriculum

Seattle, WA: Building on five decades of high performance programs, The Pacific Institute is proud to announce the latest version of its best-selling curriculum, Thought Patterns for High Performance® FIVE.ZERO. TPHP® FIVE.ZERO is the latest in a long line of mindset empowering programs, scientifically-driven and internationally-proven. It expands on the evidenced foundation of cognitive science and social learning theory and the latest support from neuroscience research, providing the mindsetting tools that enhance individual, team and organizational performance. Flexible in its implementation, powerful in its use, this 13-unit curriculum provides the skills necessary for high performance thinking and is now available to organizations around the globe.

According to The Pacific Institute, this new program is essential because, in today’s world of accelerating change and increasing demands, the ability to quickly process and embrace change is more critical than ever. Often the pressures of change hold people back, fearing that they can’t change, or perhaps that the old way is better. Anxiety and stress often increase, and people may disengage or push back on important change initiatives or goals, whereby impacting growth and achievement of those goals. The key is to think differently – to see change as an opportunity to grow and overcome what individuals feel is getting in their way. Organizations can then lead the marketplace with agility, flexibility, creativity and innovation.

When asked about the launch of the new program, Christy Watson, VP of Curriculum and Production states, “In this day and age, it is vital that we understand how we think, and why we think the way we do. Perhaps even more important to know is that we are not stuck with who we are today. We already have the power to make the changes we want. Thought Patterns for High Performance® FIVE.ZERO provides the knowledge and skills we need to create our desired futures – for individuals and organizations alike.” Just like people train their bodies, they can train their minds to help them increase their performance and be their best.

For more information on Thought Patterns for High Performance® FIVE.ZERO and how it may help you, your team or organization, please contact Jenny Ferrero at [email protected] or 1-206-505-2420. To attend a live, open workshop session, check here for an event near you:

Watch the TPHP® FIVE.ZERO “Setting Expectations” Unit:


Hear from Mark Kramer, CEO Emeritus, North American Plastics as he shares his thoughts after participating in TPHP® FIVE.ZERO:

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