Contribution Beyond Self

What is the role of spirituality in living a happy, healthy, productive life? Let’s look at some answers to this important question.

How much attention do you give to your spiritual side? Now we are not necessarily talking about participation in an organized religion, although this may be something that is important to you. Spirituality, itself, can be expressed and explored in many ways.

Polls and studies have shown that people who are able to stay energetic and enthusiastic over the long haul tend to have a strong spiritual connection. Now, they don’t all go to some form of church or religious gathering place. Here in the Pacific Northwest of the US, we have one of the highest rates of “un-churched” populations in the United States. But polls have shown that we do consider ourselves highly spiritual.

Of the highly successful, extremely active people who also have this strong spiritual connection, there also seems to be very little of the phenomenon we call “burnout.” These folks are able to renew themselves, and their faith in the future, on a regular basis because of their spiritual beliefs.

These folks have a keen sense of a purpose that is larger than themselves and feel that they are part of an unending chain of giving and receiving that transcends time and place. Contribution to others is a prime driver in their lives, and their energy level is generally tremendous!

So, if you find that your energy level has evaporated and you’ve lost some of your zest for the future, you may want to carve out some time for reading and thinking about your connection to something larger than yourself. There are plenty of outlets for your contribution of self – and while you are pouring yourself out, you are also refilling your reservoir of spirit.