A Life in Balance

Today, let’s talk a little bit about goals and a balanced life.

There is a challenge when we focus on one goal at the expense of everything else. When we do this, because of the tremendous power of our minds, we shut out all other distractions – and some of those “distractions” become our spouses, our children, parents, friends, relaxation time, and other interests that get in the way of goal attainment.

There are many facets to each of us, and we want to look at the total of our lives, not just one area, when setting goals to maximize the potential that we all have. Focusing on work alone can alienate our loved ones. Focusing on physical health pulls our attention away from financial health. Focusing on our social lives can cause us to ignore our careers. In the end, what we lose may overshadow what we might have gained.

To truly be happy, it is important to understand all of the components of our lives, and give them a balanced sense of attention. Now, if you decide to devote all of your time in one area, that’s OK – just as long as you are willing to take the consequences of your decision. Like the example of the executive who set the personal goal of being a millionaire by the age of 40. He had accomplished that goal – and was divorced, had health problems and kids who didn’t talk to him anymore.

It seems to be traditional, at the time of a new year, to stop and take stock of who we are and where we are, and maybe where we want to go. It’s the opportunity to start over anew. Since we are already into the new year, why not spend a few moments, and take a good look at the different areas of your life. Decide just how satisfied you are with each. If one or two areas come up wanting, set a goal or two. Write them down in positive language. (It’s about what you want, not what you don’t want.) Write them so they create a picture that you are magnetically drawn to. Then, read, visualize and repeat.

Your goals are closer than you think.