Expanding Beyond the Familiar

There is great comfort in the familiar. There is great danger, as well.

Most of us feel secure in the belief that we can trust the familiar in our lives, and we feel that there is comfort and peace in the predictable. Actually, while this is true to some degree, it can also be a trap.

You see, it is the unfamiliar, the risk, and the unpredictable that liberates us from boredom, unleashes our creative spirit, and enlivens our relationships. And it is the unplanned and unknown occurrences that make our life rich in possibilities.

Of course, some order, predictability and security are necessary for our survival and sanity. Constant chaos is its own brand of stress – mental and emotional. But a life without mystery, excitement and a little risk is merely an existence. Life was meant to be lived – joyfully, with a sense of wonder and surprise.

So take some time to think about it. How much of your life is planned down to the last minute? How much of your free time is completely controlled by a tight schedule? Why not try relaxing and just letting things happen without trying to plan or control them? It may be time to expand our worlds, and let in some fresh air.

The world is full of delight, if you will only allow it to unfold naturally around you. It is surprise and spontaneity that keep us and our relationships from becoming dried out, locked up and eventually numbed and even deadened by repetitive daily routines. We become our own jailer, in the prisons of our own making.

Go ahead – unlock the door.