An Open Mind

Do you have an open mind? Most people think they do, but how can you really tell? Let’s talk about open versus closed minds.

Open minds are like a good sense of humor – everybody thinks they have one, but the truth may be another story. And what does it mean to have an open mind, anyway? Well, here’s one description: An open mind is one that knows the difference between fact and opinion and doesn’t get them mixed up. It searches for the truth as best it can, and even when it feels reasonably certain of what’s true, remains open to rational argument.

Open minds tend to be creative, because they seek out options and use them in innovative ways. The open mind is able to flow with the ambiguities and paradoxes of life. Instead of fighting these things, the open mind acknowledges and honors them and moves forward into awareness and constructive use of them.

The closed mind, on the other hand, learns helplessness when it assumes a powerless stance. Even when it is closed in absolute certainty, it gives away its power. Thinking it is exhibiting strength, the closed mind actually becomes rigid and develops blind spots, or scotomas, to new information that may contradict what it thinks it knows.

Open minds may choose to take a position based on personal values and current information, but they are willing to reconsider if it makes sense to do so. Finally, open minds are happier, healthier and much more fun to be around. They tend to think of life as an adventure, and find the possible in every day. Challenges become opportunities to learn and grown.

So let’s ask the question again: Do you have an open mind? How do you know?