Requirements for a Love-Filled Life

Would you like to have more love in your life? Are there days when you wonder if that’s even possible? Is there a possibility that you are not sure you can get it?

Now, when we use the word “love” in this context, we are not necessarily talking about romantic love. You see, love is a way of living, and there just isn’t any way that you can keep it in a box labeled “Romance.”

Whether you have love in your life, or not, has nothing to do with being lucky or being raised in the right kind of family environment, or having the right genes, either. Love is not a matter of chance. However, it is a matter of choice. And it doesn’t require wealth or education, talent, intelligence, beauty, or the best job in the world. None of these things are requirements for a love-filled life.

What it does require are two very important things. First, in order to have love in your life you must start by loving and accepting yourself, just the way you are. This means, among other things, that you don’t put yourself down, you don’t abuse yourself, physically or mentally, and you don’t allow others to do so, either. You are a unique and valuable individual – you just need to believe that.

The second thing that is required is that you learn how to love others in ways that are meaningful to them. You see, the secret of love is not money, beauty or luck. We get love by giving it away, and the more we give, the more we have. It’s a little like those milk glasses that magicians use, where it looks like all the milk is poured out and then it magically refills!

Having love in your life is based on you seeing you actually being a loving person, in your mind. It’s the picture you hold of yourself, that belief, that defines who you are and how you act. So, the only thing left to ask is, what else needs to be added to that picture to bring more love in your life?