Taking Chance Out of Happiness

Who is in control of what makes you feel good? Is it you, or someone or something else? Today, let’s talk about how you can dramatically increase the joy in your life.

Everyone likes to feel good. However, too many people seem to believe feeling good is something that happens to them, rather than something they create themselves. When they feel badly, they just wait for it to pass, hoping something will happen to make them feel better. And that “something” has to come from the outside, and can take a mighty long time to arrive. In the meantime, all they can feel is, well, bad. Not much fun in that.

What if they had a plan for pleasure? What if you had such a plan? You already know a lot of things that make you feel good when you do them. Have you ever thought about making a list of these things? Do you really enjoy listening to music? Picnics at the beach? A hike in the woods? Watching a Marx Brothers movie? How about watching sports with good friends, or reading a great detective novel?

If you had a list of a several dozen things you could count on for a good time, you would have plenty of options the next time you wanted to create a pleasure-producing experience. Why not take some time and make the list – today? For most things, there is no better time than the present.

If you are thinking that this is a totally self-centered exercise, begin thinking of happiness-producing moments that you know would make a difference in those closest to you. Now, think about what you could do where you work or volunteer your time. What happiness-producing moments could you create, that are guaranteed to brighten everyone’s day?

Ultimately, you want to be the one in charge of your happiness. You do not want to leave something that important to chance. Remember, you are your own change agent. Are you ready to take charge of your own happiness?