Thought and Energy

How important is mental preparation when it comes to achieving a goal that is within your reach?

When you decide on a goal that you want to achieve, when you know it is possible and you feel strongly committed to getting it done, what comes next? What can you do that will help ensure positive results?

Well, the first thing you need to do is remind yourself not to get bogged down in figuring out “how” you are going to achieve it. The “how” is important, but it doesn’t come first. First, you want to clearly and vividly visualize the end result. The more clearly and more often you see it (feel it, taste it, smell it and make it 100% real in your imagination), the more likely it is to become real in the world.

It takes energy to create reality from a vision or idea, but it happens all the time. Every single person-made reality in the world first started out as an idea inside someone’s brain. The more thought, the more energy – and the more energy, the more likely the reality. And visualization is a key ingredient in changing old habits that hold us back into new habits that create – whatever we want for the future.

Professional athletes know this and use visualization techniques all the time. Research has accumulated to back it up. These techniques are used in medicine (especially valuable in rehabilitation), psychology, and education and by more and more folks just like you. It’s these pictures of the desired future that are key to successful accomplishment.

Keep this in mind: Where the thought goes, energy flows. If you can clearly see it, you are far more likely to really “be” it. It’s how your mind works, as you move toward your goals.