Understanding the Software

What if you inherited a machine that was guaranteed to make you happy, but you had no idea how to operate it? What would you do?

Now, if you are like most folks, you would probably move heaven and earth until you figured out how it worked, wouldn’t you? The fact is, you were born with all the resources to make yourself very happy and successful. Unfortunately, you did not arrive with an instruction manual or an external “Help” site.

By and large, it has been left up to you to figure it out. Isn’t it strange, then, that most folks don’t even bother? They don’t read up on psychology. They don’t take classes or seminars on human behavior, and they don’t work with counselors, teachers or other professionals who could help them make the most of their potential. For one reason or another, they don’t challenge their current beliefs or consider how their habits and attitudes may have them completely stuck in place.

Instead, they seem to be content to bump along, not really expecting much out of themselves or of anyone else. Oh, they may go to a lot of trouble to learn to speak Chinese or to scuba dive, or even seek out the latest electronic gadget or game system. But they never take the time to learn about their own “software” – how their mind works.

Do you suppose this is because no one has ever told them that we are all programmed to achieve happiness and success? This is true. All we need to do is learn to operate the program. We are talking about educating ourselves, setting goals, controlling our thoughts and getting rid of glitches in the program that were put there by others who didn’t know any better.

Sound too simple? Well, it is fairly simple. If you want to be happy, you can be. First, you just may need to do a little research on your own “software interface” and then do the upgrade.