Where Are We Going?

Yesterday, we talked about the value of setting goals, about how a goal creates a gap that our minds are programmed to close – either forward or backward, depending upon how strong the picture is. This is why change can sometimes be difficult, because the new picture of where we want to be isn’t as strong as the need to maintain current reality.

In order to move ahead, to reach goals that we have set for ourselves, we need to make the future picture of what we want more inviting, more attractive, more necessary than staying in our current reality. This is easier than it sounds, because of two things innate in human beings. We have the ability to use “forethought” – looking forward – and to use our imaginations. In other words, we can look ahead and dream of a future. As far as we know today, no other creature on earth has these two abilities.

When we set a goal, and create that gap we mentioned yesterday, energy and creativity are unleashed in our minds. Those dreams of the future cause ideas and drive to close the gap – and we are tremendously creative creatures! We can dream of just about anything, and make those dreams reality.

One more piece: As we near completion of the goal or dream, we no longer need the energy and creativity. Drive and ideas disappear. We have closed the gap, and creativity is no longer needed. Effectively, we shut down. We are finished with this particular project. We compare where we wanted to be with where we have landed, and it is the same place, the same answer. No more energy is required, other than to maintain this new reality we’ve accomplished for ourselves.

Now, goal achievement is a time for a little celebration! Each of us deserves a little pat on the back for a job well done. Just remember that we are now shut down, and future growth is put on hold.

There is a little more that needs to be said on this subject, but you will need to wait until next week. In the meantime, give some thought to where you want to go. Ideas will surface as you ponder, and it will be important to jot them down. You don’t want to lose these ideas in the hustle and bustle of everyday living.