Creating a Life Strategy

Do you have a life strategy? It is not a plan, but more like a process. Let’s look at this further and discover why it is important.

The process of adjusting to life and of getting what you most want is a continual one, even though your goals may change at any time. If you understand the process, you will also understand that developing a life strategy is a great idea.

Now, a life strategy is not a life plan. A plan tells you what route to take to accomplish a specific goal, and plans are valuable. But a life strategy offers a more flexible, large-scale umbrella under which your plans can take shape.

A strategy begins and ends with values – a prioritized listing of what is important to you. Things like self-discovery, personal and spiritual growth, mental and physical well-being, meeting challenge and adversity in a calm and centered way, harmonious and loving relationships, etc. Once you know what you value, you can set goals to help you bring about end-results that align with your values.

This is what strategy is all about. It is bigger than individual goals, and every bit as important. Without an overall strategy, you may climb the ladder of success. However, when you get to the top you may find that it is leaning against the wrong branch or the wrong tree. You may find that the tree with all of the fruit you want is just out of reach if you haven’t developed a good strategy to get there.

Does this make sense to you? Do you have a strategy for living? Perhaps the better question to ask is, “Do you know what you value?” If you haven’t given it any thought lately, or very little thought, why not carve out a little time to do so, in these next few days? Clarity clears away the debris that gets in the way of effective goal-setting.