The Most Thankless Job in the World

In the multitude of jobs in the world today, there really is one job that is more thankless than any other. You may have it, and not even realize it. The good news is, if you find that you really do have this job, you can walk away from it – and be happier for leaving it behind you.

Building on yesterday’s message, do you know anyone who thinks it is their job to shape up everybody else? Ask them why they do it, and they will tell you it is only for the good of others.

You see, they were conditioned to believe that if you don’t do things the “right way” (meaning “their” way), you are doing them the wrong way. They can give you a dozen reasons why the right way is the only way. They end up irritated with other people just about all the time and often complain about how overburdened they are.

Often, people like this are referred to as “Captain of the World,” and it truly is the most thankless job on the planet. It is very stressful too, because these “Captains” are motivated by fear of what will happen if they don’t do certain things, certain ways. Their fear extends to other people, if they don’t do them, too.

Now, it is important to realize that you are not accountable for other people’s behavior and you are not accountable to other people for your own behavior, either – unless you choose to be.
Remember, too, that some rules are necessary, but many others serve only to feed an irrational need to keep something awful from happening. Captains of the World usually are “control freaks” and attempt to pass their compulsions along to their kids and co-workers. They have a terrible time maintaining close relationships because these compulsions drive others away.

So, if you are busy trying to shape up your family, your office, or the entire world, consider resigning your position as Captain before you have a full-scale mutiny on your hands. There are better ways to live, and you can find them if you try.