Quality of the Commitment

There is no question about it: Commitment is a key to success whether it’s in a marriage, a business, personal and professional growth, or sports – an example we use today.

What made Larry Bird one of the best players in basketball? He was considered slow, and many thought he could not jump. Sometimes it almost looked like he was playing in slow motion. But Larry Bird succeeded as a player because he was totally dedicated to success. He practiced more, played harder, and had more mental toughness than most of his competitors. He got more out of his talents than almost anyone did.

The same was true with Tom Watson, the great golfer. Tom was nothing special at Stanford, considered just another kid on the team. Long after college, his coach still talked about him, saying, “I never saw anyone practice more.”

Russell Wilson, quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, has always been considered too short to play the pivotal position. But it is his dedication to improving at every practice and every game, constantly watching film of upcoming opponents, and ultimately, goal-setting to do whatever is necessary to win each game that has made him a football household name.

You see, the difference in physical skills between athletes doesn’t tell you much. It’s the quality of their commitment that separates the good players from the great. People who are committed to success are willing to do whatever it takes, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. Everything they do reflects their commitment.

Ask yourself the following questions and think about your answers: “How strong is my commitment – to my career, my relationships, my personal growth? How much of my time and energy do I give these things? Do the results I get reflect my level of commitment? If my results do reflect my level of commitment, is that good enough for my future?”

Now here is another question for you to consider: How do you feel about your answers?