Acting on Impulse

These days, shopping has become quite the adventure, especially grocery shopping. Setting out to get just a few things, to carry the household through a couple of weeks suddenly turns into an overloaded cart because the store miraculously has toilet paper and cleaning supplies! The impulse to grab as much as possible, whether needed or not, overwhelms common sense. Today, let’s talk a bit about the pros and cons of making impulsive decisions.

Here’s a question: Do you ever act on your impulses, or make spontaneous decisions to do things? Most of us know that acting on impulse can have negative consequences, like when you are in the grocery store or investing large amounts of money without enough research. But did you know it could also be very positive?

Let’s take a closer look. An impulse is nothing more than an urge to do something. It is a suggestion from your subconscious that suddenly surfaces in your conscious mind, and as such, it deserves to be considered – especially concerning what is causing the impulse in the first place. As it stands, carrying impulses into action can be a good way to become goal-oriented. Of course, it can also be a way to get into serious trouble when we don’t consider all of the consequences of acting on the impulse.

How do you decide whether to act on an impulse? Well, try asking yourself if the impulse feels like it could be in harmony with the person you most want to be. Have you considered all of the ramifications of acting on the impulse? If the answer is no, nip it in the bud, or at least defer it to “later.” If the answer is yes, and the decision to act causes no harm to others, do it and do it as soon as possible, because procrastination is the death of too many wonderful impulses.

If it can’t be done immediately, set a goal and create a clear mental image of the end-result you most want to bring about. Affirm and re-visit that picture every day. With the fuel of vivid sensory details and a determined spirit, you’ll begin to see some extraordinary positive changes in your life – and your good choices will assist you in your new goal of being a positive role model for others.