Personal Creativity is Near at Hand

Many people think of creativity in terms of output, or something produced, but that is not necessarily the sum and total of it. We don’t come into this world stamped “Creative” or “Not Creative” – at least we shouldn’t be. Today we are going to look at the meaning of creativity.

You know, many people believe that in order to be truly creative, they have to be producing something extraordinary – composing music, making paintings, designing furniture or clothing. These are things that have real, measurable output. However, that is a pretty limited way to look at creativity.

Creativity is an attitude toward life and is more a matter of improvisation and inspiration than of producing something we can label as “creative” – something admired or socially useful. Whenever we see something in a new light or from a new perspective, we are being creative. We are asking the brain to be flexible – which it is fully capable of being – and consider our perceptions from a different angle. And when we do that, we develop a growth mindset, one that is open to new thinking and new experiences, and expressed as our personal creativity.

Each of us, if we are open and searching, can become creative in doing those simple things in our lives that are creative and original to us. We can be creative in the way we bring up our children, the way we teach and learn, the way we communicate and listen, and in discovering new ways to approach old, familiar things. Creativity can be expressed in the way we approach a video conference call or in tending a beautiful garden. It’s stretching beyond our old “normal” and reaching for something new to enhance our lives and the lives of those around us.

You see, creativity is there inside us, not in the things we produce. With creativity, we discover and celebrate the fullness of our own personal nature. True creativity is what helps us to make the most of our lives and live up to our own individual potential.

Your own personal creativity is near at hand. You just need to allow yourself to tap into it.