We Stand With You

For over 50 years, The Pacific Institute has been dedicated to the principle that everyone has a God-given right to achieve their human potential. We are as committed to that principle today as our founders were when they chose the name “Pacific.” They did this with the clear understanding that when everyone has equal opportunities, we will create a culture of peace and non-violence.

As we witness the protests across our country, by people of all walks of life, in support of black Americans who have not been given equal opportunity but rather have been limited by systemic injustice, we know their voices need to be heard. A dialogue must begin that allows for healing and forgiveness as well as commitment to long-lasting change. Racism is not an attribute we are born with. It is a learned belief, which in turn drives unacceptable behavior.

Thanks to the latest research in neuroscience, we know people can change their beliefs and learn new behaviors. However, as I have learned, it is exceedingly difficult for someone of privilege to truly grasp how pervasively racism is manifested. Nonetheless, we must dedicate the time and energy to truly understand the dimensions of racism and how it permeates all aspects of our thinking and, subsequently, the systems we have created.

We also know that changing beliefs and learning new behaviors does not happen immediately. Changing systems that have repressed people for so long does not happen overnight. However, the journey must begin somewhere, and we are more than willing to do our part.

We stand by those who want change to happen and are dedicated to stopping the senseless violence that took the lives of Ahmaud Abrey, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and so many others. We are committed to everyone achieving their potential and living a life of dignity, a life without fear and injustice.

We stand ready to help with education and tools, which we will donate to start the dialogue.

On behalf of our partners, employees and associates
Joe Atteridge, Managing Partner,
The Pacific Institute®