The Betterment of Our Humanity

Do you have a vision – a picture in your mind of how things can be? If you do, how clear is it? How big is it? How much will you allow yourself to want, for yourself, your family and loved ones, for your country and the world? You see, people who have big dreams generally get big results.

If you need proof of this last statement, you have only to check out the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau outside Cairo. Whoever built that pyramid, over 4500 years ago, certainly had a grand vision for the times. The Great Wall of China, built over 2200 years ago, can be seen from orbit with a little help, and it must have started with a vision to go along with a need for protection.

Isaac Asimov was an immensely popular science writer. Did you know that he was also a biochemist and professor? And did you know that he wrote nearly 400 books? Some of those books are on history, humor, or literature – especially Shakespeare and the Bible. Most of them are on science and science fiction, because Isaac Asimov had a big vision. He had a vision of a world where everyone understood science, and he worked through his writing to make science understandable and fun for everyone.

Lech Walesa had a vision that Poland could once again be a free nation with social justice for all, so he founded the solidarity movement in 1980. Ray Bradbury was another science fiction visionary. Read some of his early works, and you will see them being played out in the world today.

What kind of world would you like to see in the future? Just like Asimov, Bradbury and Walesa, and so many others who are less well known, your vision for the world can shape your life and give it purpose and a tremendous sense of accomplishment, if you let it. And right now, in the face of a global pandemic, each of us needs to create that picture of the future for ourselves, our neighborhoods and our society.

It is easy to get bogged down in the here and now, and you can see the results of this in situations all over the world. It is time to pull together, as humanity, to create a vision – an inclusive, positive, physically and mentally healthy vision – for a world in which we can all contribute to the betterment of our humanity.