Relying on Luck

black and white siberian husky with green hat on snow covered ground during daytime

Why is it that some people are successful at almost everything they do, while others seem to continually fail? Is it luck, or is something else going on?

What we normally attribute to a force called “luck” is simply the part of our mind that does not see the whole picture. Some venture turns out well for us, but we don’t know exactly why that is. For what we can’t explain, we label it “luck” and move on to the next venture, hoping that “luck” shines on us once again. – luck being the unpredictable creature that it is.

No one creates any condition – health, finances, career, relationships – unless she or he has been attracted to it by patterns of thinking. As a poet once said, “We think in secret and it comes to pass; our environment is our looking glass.” It follows, then, that if we want to change our luck, we must change our patterns of thinking.

Just as the waves of the ocean create distinct physical formations of sand and rock on beaches, the waves of our thoughts create physical manifestations in our experience. Our minds are far more powerful than we can even begin to imagine, and each day, we discover just how powerful. When you see yourself as the creator of your own experience, your “luck” if you want to call it that, will change. You can toss the rabbit’s foot and recycle the four-leaf clover, or whatever other talisman you think has been giving you luck.

To make a long story short, you are lucky if you think you are. You are unlucky if you think you are. The good news is that we have the power to decide which way to think. And we don’t need to rely on “luck” to get us there.