The Growing Game

human showing hand on top of mountain

When we are growing in our minds, it helps to experience where we want to go before we get there. Yes, before we get there. The human mind is amazingly creative, and we can put our imagination to work, to help us move to where we want to go. Need proof? Well, there is a simple exercise that should illustrate how powerful you are, in your mind. It will show you how the pictures you hold in your mind affect your performance in life. Try the following (it will not take long, promise):

Stand with your feet slightly apart and bring both arms straight up in front of you, parallel to the floor. Keep your feet still, but turn your body as far as you can to your left. Mentally mark where you stop, by the place on the wall opposite where your fingers are pointing. While you are holding your mark, look a little further to the left and just note what you see.

Now turn back to center. With your arms still up, close your eyes and picture yourself turning again, only this time going much farther. Then, change the picture so you go even farther than that. Now open your eyes and again physically turn left as far as you can. You will probably be able to turn a lot farther because you created a new reality. By programming your mind to surpass its previous limits, you brought that new picture into reality. (And yes, it works the same way if you turn to your right!)

This same technique will help you in almost any activity or endeavor. You see, mental imagery is immensely powerful stuff. So, ask yourself, “Where do I want to go farther in my life?” and then ask, “How do I think this kind of visualization might help me do it?” and then, “How far do I want to go?” What does that picture look like?

If you have children, young or older, turn this into a game. You will be helping them learn to expand their own visions of the future.