Something Truly Magnificent

3 brown hand with white background

There is a great idea that has been around for an exceptionally long time, and speaks to humanity across the imposed limits of geography. It is an idea that helps give meaning and purpose to life. It can also do wonders for your energy level, relationships, and self-esteem. That idea, in a word, is “service.”


To be more specific, by “service” we are talking about the act of doing something to assist or benefit someone else without any expectation of reward or even acknowledgement. All of us can think of shining examples of people who selflessly serve others, and by doing so, make the world a better place – like Mother Teresa, for example.


But it is important to realize that you don’t have to be a Mother Teresa to do good work in the world. Whenever you have a personal or business contact with someone, and you take a moment to put yourself in their shoes and behave accordingly, you shift the balance of influence in the world – from fear and hate, to caring and consideration.


You may be an automobile mechanic, a salesclerk, an accountant or a computer programmer – it doesn’t matter what you do. What matters is how you do it – the creative, personal touches you add to make one someone’s day a little easier or a little smoother. It is consciously adding meaning to your life, building stronger relationships, even if they only last the length of a phone call.


Some people will notice what you have done, and some won’t. That’s not the point. But it is guaranteed that if you start to approach your job, with the goal of giving genuine caring service, you will be transforming your work into something truly magnificent – and yourself into the “real deal” in the process.