Attitudes are Learned

woman in yellow umbrella walking on pathway

Some people believe they have little control over what happens to them. When good things occur, they think it is mostly a matter of luck or circumstance. They do not set goals or plan very far into the future, because they believe that how things turn out is beyond their control. Their stress and tension levels are generally pretty high, and they often feel overwhelmed, helpless and hopeless. Strangely enough, when unpleasant things happen, instead of blaming circumstance or luck, they tend to blame themselves.


Now, the bad news is that how much control we believe we have over our lives is generally a direct result of the way we were treated when we were quite young. We assimilated the environment around us because we didn’t know any different.


The good news is that this condition, which is sometimes called “learned helplessness,” does not have to be permanent. You can learn to take charge of your life, and look at things differently. The fact is, when your attitude changes, the results you get change as well.


Yes, that is a fact. The research is there to back it up. Your attitude is learned, and that means that it can be unlearned, and then replaced with newly-learned attitudes that will get you closer to where you want to be.


If you want to develop the ability to control your attitude and your life, you can start by asking your local bookstore to recommend some good books on the subject. Online book sales and services can provide suggestions by the page-full. Or, you could get registered with a reputable personal growth program.


There is no need to wait. The only thing standing in your way is you. So, take control. Your future is yours for the making.