Re-Tire Your Future

man sitting near motorcycle

Retirement is a time that some people look forward to and others almost dread. Not everyone finds it pleasant when it finally arrives. One thing is certain, though, retirement is a time of life that produces many changes. The question becomes, how can you make the most out of those so-called “golden years”?

John Mosedale, author of “The First Year, A Retirement Journal” pointed out that not having a job any longer can mean a loss of self-esteem and a lessened sense of worth – especially for people whose whole identities have been wrapped up in their work, for many, many years. Mosedale wrote that it is important to figure out who you really are before you retire. It is vitally important to realize that you are far more than what you do at work, no matter how absorbing and interesting your job may be.

If you want to be a well-rounded person and really enjoy your retirement when it rolls around, now is the time to cultivate interests, hobbies and even passions that you can expand and explore more deeply later on. Keeping busy, setting and achieving meaningful goals, maintaining good health and financial security, and especially feeling that you have a purpose in life are keys to a fulfilling retirement.

These things won’t happen by magic when you turn 65 or 70. The time to start is now. What sort of retirement would you like to have? Can you see yourself at age 75 and beyond? What are you doing? Where are you doing it? Can you see who you’ll be doing it with? What can you do right now to make sure this vision of your future becomes a reality?

The Baby Boomer Generation is expected to live longer and more active lives than any past generation. There are those who claim that 60 is the new 40! Considering that, perhaps we need to find a different word to describe “retirement,” one that does not infer stopping or withdrawing, but one that means “having the time of my life.”

After all, when we “re-tire” a car, it simply means we are putting on new tires, to get where we want to go, for at least another 50,000 miles. Just saying . . .