Renewable Personal Resource

woman in white long sleeve shirt standing beside woman in gray long sleeve shirt

We all have gifts that make us different, special, and allow us to add to the general well-being of those around us. Let’s give a little thought to our personal gifts, today.

As you think about your life and experiences, do you know what your gift is? Perhaps defining that gift is a challenge. For this discussion, it is your ability to live a life that expresses your unique personality and your individual talents through the work that you choose to do, the way you spend your free time and through your relationships.

Although it may seem hidden at first, when you search for your gift with an open mind and a free spirit, it will be there. Once you have found it, if you follow it with courage and persistence, it will reward you with a happiness and deep satisfaction that nothing else can provide.

Now, it does not matter how big or important your gift is, and it does not matter what others think it should be. All that matters is that 1) it is yours and, 2) you are free to give it. When you do give of it, it doesn’t deplete you. It validates and fills you, because giving reaffirms the meaning, the purpose in your life. You look at achievement with a whole new perspective.

Finding and living your gift has some interesting side effects. Stress and tension fall away, as your mental well-being rises. Living your gift allows positive emotions to fill your days. You are easily engaged with the world around you, and your relationships take on deeper meaning that fills you up, allowing you to give away even more.

It is hard to go comparison-shopping when it comes to finding your special gift, because you can’t try on someone else’s life. But in order to truly live your own, you need to be willing to listen to your heart, pay whatever it costs, and make a firm commitment not to turn back.

If you do these things, you will find your gift. It’s a renewable personal resource. You also will find that you have more to give to others than you had ever dreamed possible.