Best Vitamin in the World

brown short coated dog on water during daytime

Why is it that some people seem to have a never-ending supply of energy? They get up feeling eager to get started and they radiate good spirits and high energy all day long. Have you ever stopped by the vitamin counter at the drug store, wondering what you could take to get that kind of energy?

Consider this: Assuming you are in good health, your strength and energy will come from having meaningful and clear lifetime goals. In other words, a purpose or target in life. You see, high-energy people know what they want and have an unshakable belief that what they want is possible. They have an objective that they have chosen freely, and they set goals and develop action plans to help them achieve it.

We mentioned earlier this month some studies that showed the elderly, with a specific goal or purpose, lived longer than those who did not. You have probably proven to yourself how energetic you have felt when you had even a short-term goal, perhaps a yard work chore like pruning a hedge or putting in a rockery. Even if you hadn’t slept the night before, with the goal at hand, you found yourself with the energy to get the job done. (Now, you may have started losing energy as you were nearing the end of the job, but that’s another subject.)

What do you want for your future? When it comes to energy, it doesn’t matter so much what you want, as long as you want something. You’d be surprised how energized you can become once you know the answer to this question. When you have chosen your targets, and you have a clear idea fixed firmly in your mind of what it is you want to be and do, you will be surprised at how your energy level will grow to help you find ways to get there.

You will become very resourceful and creative, and you will discover that having a clear purpose is the best vitamin in the world! So, where do you want to go in the future?