The Wealth Within You

boy running while holding ukelele

When you look back at your successes and the things you’ve achieved in your life and you look for the reasons why you succeeded, you’ll find that most often it wasn’t just luck. In fact, luck had very little to do with it. Some, if not all, of the following were involved:

Knowledge, Skill, Commitment, Motivation, Energy, Confidence, Resilience, and a Belief in yourself and what you were doing

It’s not hard to see why we succeed. What is hard is explaining why we don’t succeed all the time. Quite often people will say, “Oh, that would be too hard for me,” or “That would take too much effort.” But would it really? Because the truth is that each one of us has a wealth of abilities, energy and skills, but most of the time we only use a fraction of this wealth.

This incredible wealth of untapped resources is referred to as “Human Potential.” How much we use of it depends, more than anything else, on our belief system. You see, we have far more potential than we use on any given day.

If we believe there is no way around a problem, we close our minds to possible solutions. Our brains literally shut down because we’ve closed off the path to creative solutions. But if we believe we will find a way, then it doesn’t matter what obstacles we run into. We then get highly creative. We see things we wouldn’t ordinarily see, and we hang in there and get others to help us until we do find a way. This is your human potential, paying interest.

So, pop the cork on your beliefs. Remove the restraints. The most powerful thing you can do to change your life is to change your beliefs about who you are, about your life, your abilities and the idea of possibilities. Once you change this picture of you, you begin to act accordingly.