Building on What We’ve Accomplished – So Far

sand castle under white sky at daytime

Over the last few days, we learned about how we shut down our drive, energy and creativity as we achieve our goals. This is natural for us to do. And it is perfectly OK to take some time to celebrate our achievements, understanding that we are doing this by intent and not by neglect.

However, comparing our “today” selves with how we used to be nearly has the same effect as reaching a goal. There is no longer a gap to close. Our energy and creativity aren’t necessary, and we have stopped our growth. The danger of becoming self-satisfied is huge – and this may not be a positive way to look at ourselves and our world.

More productive is to keep asking ourselves, “Where do we want to be? Where do we need to grow to solve the challenges we meet, the challenges of this world?” We want to keep creating those gaps between where we are and where we want to be. The world today is full of challenges – some great, some small – and some as close as our own backyard. Each of them needs our attention, our creativity and our energy.

As difficult as it may seem right now, it is time to have great faith in humankind’s ability to create a positive future for itself. We are totally capable of creating that future based on mutual respect and compassion, and a common commitment to solving the challenges along the way.

Humans are a curious lot, and we love nothing better than to have a mystery to solve, a challenge to meet. We like finding ways to make things happen! So, let’s put our creativity and energies into creating a better world, and let us start today. Take what we’ve accomplished so far, and use it to build a better future.