Project Description

Helping BMO Trend Positive

Bank of Montreal


Bank of Montreal financial group is one of the largest Canadian financial service providers. Steve Sommerville, President of BMO Capital Corporation, oversees Mergers and Acquisitions, BMO Capital Corp, Sponsor Coverage and Cross-Border. With teams across Canada in Toranto, Calgary and Vancouver, BC as well as over 200 years of success in the Canadian financial market, Steve knew there was a strong legacy of success to build upon. A year before Bank of Montreal first engaged with The Pacific Institute®, Steve Sommerville’s teams were performing well, but he says it was apparent that there was an untapped potential within his divisions for stronger success.

“As a group we were doing very well, but there was more that we could do. We just weren’t able to take it to the next level at that point.”
Steve Sommerville, President of BMO Capital Corporation

Steve Sommerville saw that there were components of the teams that were out of balance. Compromises were being made – particularly on the part of employee’s personal sacrifices for the office and this was leading to a negative mindset. Steve felt if they could strike a better balance between the personal and professional goals, they could build a better work-life culture, improve employee engagement and elevate the team’s performance relative to peers. Steve knew that if they could take their performance to the next level, BMO was positioned at a critical inflection point to become the dominant player in Canada’s financial portfolio_category. He engaged The Pacific Institute® to help with this transformation.


To address Bank of Montreal’s challenges, The Pacific Institute utilized  Cultural Alignment® and Investment in Excellence® programs.


Since implementing The Pacific Institute’s solutions, Bank of Montreal saw:

  • Employee engagement scores, have increased by a remarkable 27%.
  • The division has gone from being rated number three in the market place to number one.
  • The number of business pitches made increased by a phenomenal 308%.
  • Market share has increased by 39%.