Project Description

Lifting Pilot Pass Rates

Royal Australian Air Force


The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) partnered with The Pacific Institute to provide the Investment in Excellence® program to all pilot instructors and students.


Headquarters Support Command which is responsible for basic air and ground training in the RAAF, took the initiative to use The Pacific Institute’s Investment In Excellence® program for qualified Flying Instructors and student pilots to pursue personal development, training excellence and total quality management.


    • Student Pilot pass rate rose from 46.8% to 65.5%
    • $22 million in pilot training costs saved over 2 years
    • Mean time from commencement of studies to suspension dropped from 72.2 hours to 65.5 hours

“The program was a real eye-opener in helping me to quantify my own feelings, fears and beliefs about my own life and, more particularly, my interaction with my family – a very important part of my life.”

“The program was one big ‘AHA’ for me; it set me on a completely new life and employment path. Now, with the help of the affirmations and the visualizations, I can truly look forward to a permanent change.”

“In my case, students are far more receptive to my teaching after Investment In Excellence®. I believe we gained a mutual respect for each other and it helped teaching tremendously.”