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Empower your financial service professionals to accelerate their performance through proven mindset solutions.

As a global consultancy, The Pacific Institute® (TPI) has a 48-year history of driving performance and increasing revenue within financial institutions around the world.

Leon Holschbach, CEO emeritus of Midland States Bank, shares how, after working with TPI, the bank increased it's net revenue by 420%:

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We customize solutions for your entire organization. Our approach combines skillset with mindset to achieve the following outcomes:

High-performance CULTURE

More than ever before, building the right organizational culture is essential for banks to continue to drive revenue and growth. Our BluePrint Cultural Assessment makes culture visible. The results provide actionable information that allows for greater teaming, reduction of department silos, and increases engagement throughout the entire organization.

Aligned, enlightened LEADERS

Whether you are looking to develop the next generation of leaders or invest in your current leadership team, our experiential and highly interactive leadership program produces results. Create alignment within your team to establish organizational vision, values, goals and strategy and understand how a leader impacts the mindset of those they lead and the culture within the organization.

Improved employee WELL-BEING & ENGAGEMENT

Improved employee well-being results in better organizational performance, greater productivity and reduced staff turnover. First, it is necessary to understand the underlying root cause of well-being, and, as a result of our mindset solutions, you will see both immediate and sustained improvements in employee happiness and engagement.

Adaptable to CHANGE

Change is constant. Whether its new regulations, the fluctuating economy, or other key drivers, the challenge to adapt is multifaceted. At the heart of success is the ability to ignite new ways of thinking and overcome resistance to change. Possess the tools to increase creativity and innovation to handle today's fast-paced environment.

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The Pacific Institute's Mindsetting solutions can help your:

Executive Teams & Leaders

Our solutions transform leaders, executive teams and emerging leaders. Create your succession plan, develop leaders and team better through our customized process.


We uncover potential and provide the mindset tools for employees to develop quality connections with customers, increase engagement and productivity, and reduce turnover.

Financial Sales Professionals

Increase your income and hit your sales goals. Learn the sales mindset tools to develop resiliency and persistence to bounce back and thrive in an ever-changing industry.


"The Pacific Institute has helped us unleash our potential. We are a different bank than the one they first started working with. Then we were stable horses, now we’re a herd of thoroughbreds. They have helped us become more agile, better thinkers, better team players, more courageous. Without them, we wouldn’t have been ‘ready’.”

Leon Holschbach, CEO emeritus, Midland States Bank

“Bill Ray has been at the bank 33 years, and I’ve been here 34, and probably we would both say it’s the best partnership we’ve had.”

Gee Gee Patridge, BankPlus Chief Operations Officer, BankPlus

“Culture drives our success and we would not have implemented the blue culture as quickly or as effectively as we did, without The Pacific Institute.”

A.J. Antongiovanni, President and CEO, Mission Bank

“As a group we were doing very well, but there was more that we could do. We just weren’t able to take it to the next level at that point.”

Steve Sommerville, President, BMO Capital Corporation

“The focus is on a high-performance culture. This is who we are. When we set goals and the right affirmations to go after these goals, we blow through them… We own, innovate and achieve.”

Diana Wolf, Assistant Vice President Manager of Human Capital, Mission Bank

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Mission Bank’s President, A.J. Antongiovanni, believed the bank’s people were its best asset. With the goal of becoming a $1B bank, Antongiovanni engaged with The Pacific Insitute to focus on alignment, culture, mindset, and invest in the people of Mission Bank.


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