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For over 45 years, The Pacific Institute’s scientifically-based and globally proven mindsetting programs have helped educational institutions lead transformative change and create higher performing cultures.

Anthony Barbar, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Florida Atlantic University, shares his experience working with The Pacific Institute

Have your students join the 1.5 million college students who have completed our cutting-edge mindset curriculum and prepare them to be leaders in life.

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The Pacific Institute's mindsetting solutions empower you to:

Build Student Centered, High-Performing Cultures

Our BluePrint Cultural Assessment and Alignment process makes culture visible. By assessing the institution's current culture, the results provide actionable information that helps leadership move to future success and the desired vision culture. Our mindset education opens new thinking, increases engagement and creates a “want to” vs. a “have-to” culture.

Develop and Align Leadership

Creating and developing a healthy mindset is key to personal and team effectiveness. Our experiential and highly interactive leadership program unleashes new thinking on how a leader impacts the mindset of those they lead and the culture within the organization. It creates alignment within the team to establish organizational vision, values, goals and strategy.

Engage Employees - Improve Performance and Well-Being

Employee Engagement results in better organizational performance, increased creativity and innovation to handle today's fast-paced environment. When creating a more engaged and student-centered work force, it is necessary to understand the underlying root cause of disengagement. Our proven proprietary Mindset education gets at the heart of our thinking and behavior, that is our beliefs. As a result, you will see both immediate and sustained improvements in engagement, performance and personal well-being.

Equip Students with Mindsetting Tools to Persist and Thrive

In a world of accelerated change and increasing demands, the latest neuroscience research indicates that college students are increasingly struggling with the psychological frictions that occur throughout the student lifecycle. Left unattended, these frictions often lead to subpar performance and drop outs. Designed specifically for students, our curriculum equips students with the mindsetting tools, a growth mindset, and the essential elements of psychological well-being to thrive today and throughout their future careers and lives.

1 in 4 college students now report symptoms of anxiety, with 40% of college freshman indicating they are overwhelmed. Graduate students today are six times more likely to experience depression and anxiety than the general population.

Provide your students with the necessary mindset tools

The Pacific Institute's Mindsetting curriculum can help your:


The demand for exceptional leadership in higher education has never been greater. The leader’s mindset is key to personal and team effectiveness and the well-being of those whom they lead. Our curriculum provides the tools to transform leaders, supervisors and emerging leaders at all levels.

Faculty & Staff

We help faculty and staff uncover their own personal potential, as well as provide them with the mindset tools and techniques to develop high quality connections with students. Research shows that these connections are proven to have a direct impact on student performance and outcomes.


With an emphasis on effective thought patterns, our engaging student curricula provides the opportunity to learn and apply mindsetting tools and techniques. These tools are proven to help students persist, adapt to change, and continually move to higher levels of performance.

Student Athletes

Our programs drive results on and off the field. We help create a "champion mindset" among athletic departments, coaches and student athletes.

Interested in learning more? Enjoy the following introduction video to our most recent offering in powerful student programming:

What they are saying:

"Working with The Pacific Institute has helped us transform our culture from good to great! It provided us the blueprint of where we were and more importantly, the map of where we want to go. The training is world class, I love working with the TPI team! The energy and excitement the training creates has brought more team cohesion and effectiveness to my team."

Deb Carlson, Ph.D President/CEO, Nebraska Methodist College

“I am very cognizant of the fact that leadership is given to me by others, but I am also cognizant of the fact that it’s my duty to lead, and make that choice every day to lead, understanding that I serve this group and always serve the greater good. The Pacific Institute, the mentors I have, the books I read, all impact who I am as a leader.”

Pat Chun, Former Vice President and Director of Athletics, Florida Atlantic University

Our Mindsetting solutions have helped numerous educational organizations around the globe.

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