Mindset Matters: Selling


Date(s) - 05/03/2019
8:00 am EDT - 12:00 pm EDT


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Breakout performance starts with Mindset

Join us for an experiential half-day ‘Mindset Matters’ workshop that will revolutionize the way you perform.

There are hundreds of sales programs out there; however, many fall short. Why? Because most sales programs do not address the key driver of performance – MINDSET.

Designed for sales professionals, this half-day, interactive session will focus on how your mindset impacts your outcomes.

You will walk away with tools that you can apply immediately to accelerate your sales growth.

The Pacific Institute® is the leading-edge company in peak performance and cultural alignment. The Mindset Matters half-day workshop provides you with sales techniques rooted in cognitive science, driven by The Pacific Institute’s 47 years of experience.

This event will provide you with strategies that can be used for the workplace and beyond:

Hack Your Mindset – Use psychology to uncover obstacles that are holding you back.

Maximize Your Sales Performance – Identify how current mindset and habits of thought impact results. Increase your sales and earn what you are truly worth.

Increase Leadership effectiveness – Harness the power of mindsetting concepts. Build team accountability around sales goal achievement.

Expose New Opportunities – Identify where ineffective thinking exists, creating limits to potential. Recognize new possibilities you were unable to see in the past.


The workshop will be customized based on the results of a Discovery Survey completed in advance of the session. Activities during the session will motivate and engage the attendees through self-analysis and peer exchange exercises.

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