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Date(s) - 09/12/2020 - 09/27/2020
10:00 am PDT - 12:00 pm PDT


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Long considered world-class in the effectiveness of its programs and delivery, The Pacific Institute has created PX2 to help young people recognize that they do have choices in life. By understanding how the human mind works, how their current beliefs and attitudes shape their expectations for the future, our youth learn that they are in control of the way they think, and can use that power to change the way they live their lives.

Studies have shown that with no goals of our own, we become susceptible to the loudest voice around us – whether it’s good for us or not. PX2 teaches the art and science of goal-setting, combined with a thorough understanding of just how we think, so that our youth come away with self-confidence, self-esteem, and a strong ethical center. It is one thing to know “the right thing,” it’s quite another to have the confidence to act on it.

As parents, educators, and mentors, we are constantly on the look-out for negative influences in the lives of our children. Our challenge is to build strength of character, and strong self-belief, so that our youth can stand up against these influences and maintain confidence in their own decisions. PX2 is a life-changing experience, not just for teens but for the entire family. Promoting positive communication among family members, it builds stronger relationships between parents and children, brothers and sisters, friends, teammates. PX2 is a springboard to a successful future.

What is PX2®?

  • A curriculum of The Pacific Institute®, Inc. (TPI) designed exclusively for young people teaching them how their mind works

Why is it important for young people to learn how their mind works?

  • Their current beliefs and attitudes shape their expectations for the future
  • Being in control of what they think, they have the power to change the way they live their lives
  • Once they understand how their mind works, they have self-confidence, self-esteem and a strong
    belief in their ability to create a positive future for themselves
  • PX2 is a life-changing experience not just for teens, but for the entire family. It promotes positive
    communication among family members, building stronger relationships

How is PX2 taught?

  • 6, 2-hour online Zoom sessions
  • Lou Tice teaches the concepts on DVD illustrating with stories
  • Singer/Songwriter Antowaine Richardson illustrates with music
  • Learning is assured and stimulated by a certified facilitator


  • $249.00 Per Participant


10am – 12pm Pacific / 1pm – 3pm Eastern

  • Saturday, September 12
  • Sunday, September 13
  • Saturday, September 19
  • Sunday, September 20
  • Saturday, September 26
  • Sunday, September 27

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