Thought Patterns – Perth


Date(s) - 07/18/2017 - 07/19/2017
8:30 am PDT - 4:30 pm PDT

The Pacific Institute



The basis of all human action is human thought.

Our thought process forms the foundation on which we build every facet of our lives. Therefore, it is important for each of us to understand how our minds work — how we formed the habits and attitudes, the beliefs that may stand in the way of releasing our vast inner potential and leading fulfilling and purposeful lives. Our beliefs and expectations about ourselves, our families, our organisations are directly reflected in our day to day behaviour – how we interact with the world around us.

Imagine the Results:

  • Enthusiastic people able to recognise opportunities they were unable to see in the past, and eager to try new approaches.
  • People who understand that they are limited not by their potential, but by their ability to use their potential.
  • High levels of confidence, and low levels of anxiety and stress.
  • A new standard of leadership combined with a new standard of personal and professional accountability.
  • People performing at levels that exceed both internal and external stakeholder expectations.

Thought Patterns is designed to build our understanding, with a structured process, of how our mind works, and how we can control the way we think to achieve greater success — in any part of your life that we desire. Based on decades of research in the fields of cognitive psychology and social learning theory, as well as current findings in neuroscience, the education stands at the forefront, reflecting the qualities and characteristics of high-performance individuals and organisations.

This program provides revealing and productive insights into how we think and how our thoughts affect how we act. It unlocks a toolbox of skills and applications that unleashes our potential in ways we never-before thought possible. These tools and techniques can be applied immediately to help us reach our goals easily and enjoyably. Life is propelled out of the ordinary and into an exciting growth adventure.

By participating in this program, you join millions of people around the world who have discovered the path to success lies in their own thinking. From small business proprietors to global leaders and their staff in manufacturing, technology, energy, mining, finance, healthcare, government, education and military.

All are using this information, this education, to make a positive difference in themselves and in the world around them.

In applying The Pacific Institute’s education, we develop our potential by changing our habits, attitudes, beliefs and expectations and thinking styles. This, in turn, allows individuals in an organisational setting to achieve higher levels of growth and productivity, as well as shifting the collective behaviour. This shift leads to more constructive organisational cultures, and healthier, higher performing workplaces.

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