​Twitter.Facebook. Google AdWords. Sponsored Content. The list goes on and on when it comes to online marketing. It probably seems harder than ever to market your college now that the online world has made everything more complicated!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and missing the days of fairs and brochures, you’re not certainly not alone. It’s true that it has never been more difficult to understand the needs and capabilities of prospective students. New devices seem to pop up every few months as does the latest social media fad. This has led many colleges to reevaluate their enrollment and marketing practices.

Once an education marketing team learns about all of the options and lingo of online advertising, they still have to think beyond the easy measurements like impressions and clicks, since those don’t necessarily lead to enrollment! Connecting a student with the ideal institution is an ever-evolving process which requires cutting edge technologies that can adapt to the behaviors of today.

This is where KL Media Partners would like to step in to help sort through your data avalanche. Our IP Capture technology can help streamline your efforts and give you direct access to prospective students. In fact, our technology was recently presented at the 2013 Annual Conference of the Association of Proprietary Colleges as a “new technology tailored to the education industry.”

“We are maximizing today’s online marketing effectiveness,” says Kenneth deBritto, CEO of KL Media Partners. “And we do it by tracking a prospective student across all online platforms and devices. That means data from Search, Mobile and Social—whether it’s on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone—is captured and instantly organized. Leads to a school’s site, phone calls, emails, form submissions, and live chats are all optimized in real time. These data points then establish a clear, concise and accountable ROI.”

Properly matching a prospective student to your curriculums is a vital element in student retention. Here are a few things our technology can do for you:

  • Capture the exact keystroke and intent of the student online
  • Match them to the curriculums and offerings of your institution
  • Deliver real-time messaging directly related to their search

If you want to grow lead volume, improve lead-to-enrollment conversions, increase student retention, decrease cost per student acquisition, and raise your school’s overall marketing ROI, please contact us for more details!



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