It’s a simple enough question: In a market that is searching for the very best employees, how does your company become the one to lure them in? It can be a daunting task, but you’ll find it much easier if you follow these steps:

Plan ahead

Finding good talent is like house hunting: You don’t start looking for a house after you’ve already given notice at your apartment. Sometimes you need to look far down the line and imagine what will be required. Start putting out little lines right now with people in your network and by the time you will actually need to fill that position, there will have been time for candidates to be found. 

Grow your network 

If you’re going to try to get people in your network to help you out, then you need to make sure your network is big enough to be useful. And this can take some time—you’ll need to keep in contact with those you meet, involve yourself with organizations that allow you to meet others and reach beyond your normal areas of expertise. But soon enough you’ll have a sizable pool of resources to connect you to talented people. 

Know what you want

If you can’t pin down the type of person you need for your company then you’ll never be able to seek out the right person. Make a personal list of not only the skills you’re looking for in the position but also the kind of addition to want on your team; the characteristics you value the most and who will inspire those around them. This wish list will make it easier when explaining to your pool of resources the type of person you’re looking for.  

Polish your brand 

This is a no-brainer that many people forget. If your brand isn’t spotless then you can’t expect to win over the talent that every other shiny company will want. And this may require more than a website revamp and logo tweak. Look at what other companies offer to prospective employees, from the benefits to the pay to the overall work environment. If you find that your company falls short on any of these, you may need to make adjustments.  

Work on your pre-interview

If you’re shooting for top talent, then they will likely be interviewing you as much as you are interviewing them. It’s important that you make sure you are putting the best face on the company while also checking that the interviewee is the right fit. Stage a mock interview and have someone sit on the other side of the desk. See how well you phrase your questions and how you respond to anything they may ask. Try this a few times if necessary. You want to make sure that when you find that perfect candidate, they walk out of your office only wondering what day they can start. 


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