​We all struggle. We all get down on ourselves. And none of us want to feel like our heads are getting too big to carry around. We are our harshest critics and often see flaws where no one else would even think to look. However, to be successful, you want to celebrate your success, no matter how small you may think it is. EVEN SMALL WINS EQUAL BIG RESULTS! Here are five ways to do that and why they matter so much:

Tell Your Closest Friends and Family
When you get a promotion or accomplish a major goal, your immediate reaction may be to post all about it on Facebook or anywhere else that lets as many people know as possible. But instead of spreading the news so wide, focus on a handful of your closest friends and family. Go ahead and contact them and brag all you want. You will get more genuine feedback and messages that really show how proud they are of you and how excited they are to see what happens next.

​Make a List of the Goals You’ve Hit
Refrain from focusing on everything you still want to accomplish. Instead, make a long list of every goal, large and small, that you have reached in the last year, or two, or five. This isn’t a time to feel lazy but congratulate yourself for all of the challenges you have faced and how successful you truly have been. This will also help you see that your list of future goals isn’t nearly as intimidating as you once thought.

​Make a List of Failures and Mistakes
The road has been long and hard and there probably are things you wish you had done differently. Instead of trying to forget them, though, list all of those missteps and lost opportunities. It may sting a little at first, but when you see all of them together, you will realize that they haven’t been able to keep you from continuing to go forward. Also, you will see how much you have learned and how prepared you are now. Everything on the list has made you more likely to succeed in the future.

Take a Day Off
You have been going too fast for too long and you need to take a day to reflect on how great you are doing. You may be worried that you will be slowing your momentum, but a break will give you a chance for contemplation and a little bit of rejuvenation. You will be able to clear your head and plan your next steps with greater insights. It isn’t a day of laziness, but instead a way to revel in achievements and hone your focus.

Help Someone Else Achieve a Goal
When we teach someone, we are helping ourselves to learn. And when we help someone try to achieve their goals, we get to feel even greater pride in what we’ve already done. Find a friend who is looking to complete a project or advance their position in life. Then use the tips and tricks you’ve learned yourself to try and give them a hand. If they end up succeeding, you will both have new successes and new reasons to celebrate.


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