​During the 2012-2013 programming year, Carlton Trail College implemented delivery of The Pacific Institute’s curriculum to every student attending a full time post-secondary program.  For the most part, the program that was delivered was the PX2®, a two day, “you focused” curriculum.  In our Practical Nursing Diploma we utilized ThoughtPatterns for a Successful Career®, a four day, post-secondary student-focused curriculum.  This curriculum was utilized with the intent to develop decision-making, goal-setting and personal empowerment as a foundation for ongoing student success.

With a curriculum based on the tenets of cognitive psychology and social learning theory, The Pacific Institute bridges this gap with its innovative programThought Patterns for a Successful Career®. Designed specifically to enhance student retention, as well as give students the tools to succeed in school and beyond. Thought Patternsemphasizes those “soft” skills most desired by employers: flexibility, resiliency, critical thinking, accountability, creativity, innovation, and leadership.

The Pacific Institute has created PX2® to help young people recognize that they do have choices in life.  By understanding how the human mind works, how their current beliefs and attitudes shape their expectations for the future, our youth learn that they are in control of the way they think, and can use that power to change the way they live their lives.

The Pacific Institute Curriculum was delivered at the start of each program and instructors observed an improvement in positive thinking and problem solving.  Students were observed to be more open with instructors and advisors about challenges and also appeared to be more willing and ready to immediately create positive solutions to these challenges.  The Pacific Institute curriculum provides a strong understanding of how our own goal-setting and problem-solving process works and provides the individual with simple tools to create change.

The Pacific Institute has conducted extensive research on retention improvements utilizing their curriculum.  They suggest a mean retention improvement of 20%.  At Carlton Trail College we have excellent post workshop student feedback as well as large amount of positive anecdotal information and testimonials from coordinators, instructors, advisors and student relationship as well as performance, problem solving and retention.  As an example to support The Pacific Institute’s claims on retention improvements, Carlton Trail College’s 2011 intake of LPN had two of 21 students discontinue during the first semester.  The 2013 intake had a 100% completion rate for the first semester, with all students successfully completing all classes.

The following students testimonials are from students in the 2013 intake of LPN at Carlton Trail College:

The personal counseling offered at Carlton Trail Regional College had been a necessary part of my success this semester.  The counseling staff is very knowledgeable and provided me with the tools I needed to navigate through the transition to becoming an excellent student.  The Pacific Institute training we received at the beginning of the school year provided the foundation needed to move forward in my studies and taught me how to set appropriate goals for success in this program.

-Mandy C.

I found The Pacific Institute course to be very helpful and motivational.  It taught me a lot about myself and the course.  It prepared me a lot for the course and put me in a good mind frame.  Personal counselor has helped me a lot and directed me into a good direction that has helped me get through the course as far as we are!  I feel that this college has my back and will help me succeed!  Thank you!

-Dawn G.

During the 2013-2014 program year,  Carlton Trail College will be continuing to include this program for all post-secondary students, as well as expanding our offering to include many of our basic education programs and full administrative and instructional staff development.  It is our organization’s intent to utilize The Pacific Institute Curriculum to create an institutional culture focused on breaking down barriers, identifying opportunities and promoting healthy, productive goal setting.


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