Why You Should Convert Your Employee Training to an Online Format

The pace of business moves faster and faster, and you ask your staff to do more with less.  At the same time, new skills are required for your team to work effectively together and in the changing business landscape.  In the past, you would have held employee training events to cover HR requirements, new business initiatives and emerging skillsets.  But today, a lack of both time and budget make this more and more difficult.  The answer to these growing concerns may be to convert your traditional trainings to an online format.

Online training and education has grown tremendously over the past ten years.  It is now an accepted format for both academic and business training.  The tools and know-how to make your training dynamic, engaging and memorable have been perfected, and are ready to be used in your organization.

You and your team can benefit from online trainings in several important ways:

  1. Save Time.By moving your training to an online format, you allow your team to complete the training at times that work best in their daily schedule.  You no longer need to take everyone to the training room at one time and stop doing business, now your employees can complete the session during downtime in their day.
  2. Save Travel Costs.If your group is spread out, travel costs are certainly and issue; to get them to one location, or to send your trainer to each jobsite.  An online class allows everyone to complete the training without leaving their offices, saving your travel budget.  Even if you want everyone to attend a portion of the training live, this can be done with a variety of web-based technologies without the need for travel.
  3. Save Money. Online training developments cost are comparable to traditional training development costs, but can create large savings due to reduced downtime and travel.
  4. Train Consistently.By developing a uniform online class, you ensure that everyone on your team is covering the same material in the same way.  There are no more worries about inconsistent and incomplete training for different groups.
  5. Monitor and Document Learning.By using online tools to conduct your training, you can both monitor your team’s learning progress and confirm that they understand the material.  Systems used to deliver online programs allow you to see who has been working, when, and how far they have progressed.  By using a simple quizzes or other tools during each portion of the training, you can ensure that employees understand the topics; something that is difficult to do in large group sessions.
  6. Provide an Easy Reference.Even after the training is complete, your team can have easy online access to the training content if they need to reference an item they have forgotten.  With quick access to the right information, there is no longer any need for guesswork.

Online classes for your existing trainings or new initiatives may be the right solution that can you’re your company time and money.  I have over 15 years experience creating customized online classes, please contact me if you would like to discuss the possibilities for your team.


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