Project Description

Getting it Right with Corrections

California Department of Corrections

Since it’s partnership with The Pacific Institute®, California Department of Corrections has generated impressive results:

Less Statewide Incarceration Rate
Million Statewide Savings


Between July 2000 and June 2002, the California Department of Corrections (CDC) released approximately 250,000 inmates, over half of whom were re-incarcerated within 12 months of release.

Looking for a way to cut costs associated with recidivism, as well as create positive results for parolees in transition, the CDC partnered with The Pacific Institute.

The Pacific Institute utilized the Employment Continuum™, a program designed to reduce criminal behavior by developing professional skills. Parolees worked at least twice a month with employment specialists, learning how to create resumes and interview for jobs.


The CDC turned to The Pacific Institute to implement our Employment Continuum™, a curriculum-based program designed to break the cycle of repetitive criminal behavior and re-incarceration through professional and personal skill development. All parolees took a job-readiness evaluation then they received the full 40-hour workshop required of all participants, which they attended 20 hours per week for two weeks. To successfully complete the program, parolees needed to prepare a resume, complete a job application, and perform a mock interview. Parolees also worked with an employment specialist at least twice per month until they found work.


Within two years of program completion, CDC experienced a significant decrease in parolee incarceration. For parolees who completed the Employment Continuum™ program, the re-incarceration rate was 15 percent less than the statewide average.

Outcomes showed that of program participants who completed the program and obtained employment, 28.5% were re-incarcerated within one year of release – a milestone compared to the statewide rate of 54.7%. This resulted in net savings of approximately $107.7 million for the State of California.